What Seems To Be the Problem?


"I've never applied for a grant before, and I need someone to walk me through the process."

fundraiser on call™

You just need a place to get your fundraising questions answered. We hear you. Ask any question you need, anytime, with this monthly subscription. We're here whenever you need answers to your questions about fundraising. 

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"I don't know where to find the right grants for my nonprofit." 

find me funders™ 

Find Me Funders™ gives you consistent prospect research in your inbox every month. You'll get a tailored list of suggested funders each month, as well as detailed reports on how you're tracking on your fundraising goals. We do the research so you don't have to. 

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"I found a grant I want to apply for, but I need someone to help me write or edit the proposal." 

grant proposal WRITING& editing  

The deadline is coming up for your grant, and you need help writing the proposal. We'll help you get a polished proposal that's ready to submit and win the grants you need. Check submitting that grant off of your to-do list. 

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"I need to create some structures around how to fundraise effectively." 

fundraising strategic plan  

You know you need a strategy in place to reach your funding goals. Our fundraising strategic plans will give you a customized guide on how to fundraise effectively and get your fundraising structure in place. 


"I need to learn more about how to fundraise effectively." 

fundraising workshops 

You're looking for in-person trainings and workshops for your nonprofit on fundraising. We've got you covered. Check out our core competency areas and book Grants on a Mission for your workshop today. 

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"I need help with a specific fundraising challenge right now."  

fundraising consultation 

Got a question or challenge you'd like to talk through with a fundraising expert? Let's get on you on the way t a solution. Sign up for your customized consultation today.