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Proposal Writing 

Work with our team of grant writers to get it written down. We'll help you structure, draft, revise, and polish a full grant proposal. You'll leave with a complete grant proposal that's ready to submit. Sound like what you need? Let's get started. 

Grant Proposal Design
from 875.00

You know your organization has a great story, but you need help getting everything down onto paper. Work with our expert grant writers to craft a customized grant proposal for your organization. We'll help you tell your nonprofit's story in a way that has real, tangible results for your organization. Once you sign up, we'll email you to set up your first consultation and start to build your proposal. 

You've got the story. We'll help you tell it in a way that wins the grants you need. Let's do this together. 

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Proposal Editing 

We'll work with you to edit your grant proposal into tip-top shape. Our team of grant writers will edit and revise your grant proposal to get it completely ready to submit. This means fresh, up-to-date proposal language that tells your nonprofit's story in a way that gets the grants. Ready to get started? Let's go! 

Grant Proposal Editing
from 475.00

You've got most of the proposal complete, but you just want another set of eyes before sending it off. We've got you covered. With proposal editing, you'll get detailed notes, revisions, and comments on how to improve your grant proposal before sending it off. Our editors have extensive grant writing and review experience. Find out what you need to fix in your grant proposal from us so you don't hear it from your funders. 

Ready to get started? Let's go! 

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What's the Difference? 

Here's a handy checklist to help you figure out if you may need proposal writing or editing services. 


  • Do you have a draft of a grant proposal already written? 
  • Do you already have at least one existing grant proposal? 


  • Are you still thinking through the content of your proposal? 
  • Do you have the main points of your proposal written out already? 
  • Is this your first grant proposal?