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A: Thanks for asking! First syllable: Like the fifth month of the year. Second syllable: Rhymes with phone. Emphasis goes on the second syllable. So, that’s May-RONE.

A: The best way to find out is to contact us to discuss specific projects and collaborations. In general, our core competencies are mainly Foundation grants, crowdfunding/online giving campaigns, individual giving campaigns, and major gifts. For a few specific examples, check out our Case Studies.

A: In general, we do not do planned giving, capital campaigns, event-based fundraising (galas, etc.), or extensive grants management. If you have a question about whether we do something else not listed here, let's chat!

A: Yes, you do have you have 501c3 status approved in order to become a client.

A: Yes! While the vast majority of our clients are nonprofits, we do occasionally work with LLCs or other small businesses on writing-based projects.

A: Grants on a Mission gives you a uniquely customized experience at an affordable price point for small nonprofits. Our mission is to help you get the grants to achieve your mission. Many organizations and individuals will write grants for you; not every organization will truly partners with you to ensure that you are equipped to reach your fundraising goals.

A: All of our standard product and service pricing is available on the site. For custom projects, you will receive a customized price quote within 2 business days after your consultation. Promise.

A: No. As a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Grants on a Mission does not accept commission or any percentages of grants won. That's part of our code of ethics.

A: My experience in the nonprofit sector showed me that the sector is full of some of the hardest working, mission-driven people I know. When we say that Grants on a Mission exists to help you achieve your mission, we mean it. Many nonprofits struggle to make the jump from survival fundraising to fundraising for growth. Grants on a Mission is here to help your nonprofit make that jump, or continue the great work you’re doing, by helping you develop sustainable fundraising strategies.

A: Email me or follow me at @grantsonmission on Twitter.

Let's chat about how to get you the grants you need!