Why We Exist


Grants on a Mission exists to design sustainable fundraising strategies for nonprofits. Our goal is to provide high-quality grant writing and fundraising services to small to mid-size nonprofits at an affordable price point. 


Grants on a Mission also supports nonprofit professionals (Founders, CEO, Development staff) by building community through events. We're developing a culture of learning around fundraising, financial sustainability, grant funding, and philanthropy. 


About the Founder 

Mehron Price is a grant writer on a mission. 

As a nonprofit fundraising professional, Mehron has raised $3.5M+ over the tenure of her career. She graduated cum laude from Harvard University and is a native of Washington DC. She has presented sessions at several conferences and speaks on entrepreneurship panels in the DC area. 

Prior to founding Grants on a Mission, Mehron served as the Associate Development Manager and lead grant writer for the Taproot Foundation DC. Before Taproot, she served as the Development Associate for Legal Outreach in New York City. 

Mehron is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals - DC Chapter. Grants on a Mission, LLC. was founded in 2016.


Our Story

In 2016, I lost my job. Like with most budget cut decisions, I never saw it coming. I had been working in the nonprofit sector in fundraising and development, but I wasn't entirely sure what I would do next. So I decided to take a break and use "funemployment" to figure out my next steps. 

That summer, I went to StartingBloc's 2016 Institute in New Orleans. While I was there, I thought about trying out entrepreneurship while on my break. (If you know me, this makes total sense - I essentially decided to start a business FOR FUN.) I pitched my idea for a grant writing consultancy for the first time at StartingBloc. I left New Orleans feeling inspired -- and with 3 prospective clients! 

  Pitching Grants on a Mission at StartingBloc's 2016 Institute

Pitching Grants on a Mission at StartingBloc's 2016 Institute

The rest, as they say, is history. Within a week, I had completed the LLC filing in Maryland and had begun building Grants on a Mission, LLC. I decide to give myself a trial period 3 months to see if my experiment in full-time entrepreneurship would work out... and I haven't looked back yet. 

Personally, mission-driven entrepreneurship has been completely transformational for me. Nonprofits have such powerful missions and employ some of the kindest, mission-driven, and hardworking people I know. Grants on a Mission translates those nonprofit stories into sustainable fundraising strategies so that nonprofits can focus on the work they do best – serving others. 

I started this company to do just that. Grants on a Mission is here to provide a high-quality, affordable option for fundraising and grant writing services to nonprofits. Over time, Grants on a Mission envisions a well-resourced social sector of nonprofits that can plan strategically in accordance with their missions and values, not the next funding cycle.

That's the world I want to work towards. 

-Mehron Price, Founder