You're Looking For Grants

You work hard on day-to-day operations at your nonprofit. You know finding grants is important, but it's hard to do on your own. Work with Grants on a Mission to move your nonprofit closer to your fundraising goals! We'll help you tell your nonprofit's story in a way that has real results. We offer three core services: fundraising consulting, prospect research, and grant proposal writing. 


fundraising consulting

When it comes to applying for grants, are you completely lost? Do you need help figuring out what types of funding will best support your organization?

Our customized consultations are designed get you ready for the funding your organization needs. You'll learn how to:

  • assess your organization's current funding strategies
  • diversifying your revenue streams
  • identify the best types of funding to pursue
  • gauge your readiness for grants
  • develop a clearer plan to accomplish your nonprofit's revenue goals


prospect research

Unsure of the grant opportunities out there for your organization? We’ll research specific funding opportunities your nonprofit is eligible to apply for. Get a roadmap to help take your organization to your financial goals. Our fundraising strategic plans feature:

  • customized prospect research on Foundation and corporate prospects
  • assessment of why your nonprofit is a good fit for the opportunity
  • application deadlines summarized in an easy-to-use calendar format

proposal writing 

If you know the opportunities you'd like to go for, but need help getting everything into a proposal, work with our team of grant writers to get it written. You’ll leave with:

  • a complete grant proposal that’s ready to submit
  • assistance with selected proposal attachments
  • greater peace of mind